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Snaptube vs. Vidmate: Which one comes out on top?

Both Snaptube and Vidmate are the most popular video downloaders today that allow users to download videos for offline viewing without requiring an Internet connection. Basically, both of these applications are provided for free.

Among the millions of videos available on the Internet, there is definitely at least one video you want to save on your device to watch again and again. However, streaming sources, like Youtube, often do not allow you to download videos because they violate some policies of producers. The best thing about Snaptube and Vidmate is that they can help you download videos from these sources easily and for free. So, the question here is that which one is better? In this article, we will compare Vidmate with Snaptube to see which one attracts the users' attention the most.



With the development of technology, you can now easily watch your favorite movies or TV shows easily right on your mobile device instead of having to sit for hours in front of the TV screen or go to the cinema. Social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. can give you almost all the entertaining videos that you need. In terms of advantages, there are thousands of new videos uploaded daily on video streaming sources, ensuring you can access an endless stream of content. However, their drawback is that an Internet connection is a must. It means that if your device cannot connect to WIFI or mobile data network, you cannot view these videos. At that time, apps like Snaptube will be the perfect solution for you.

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The main function of Snaptube, as mentioned above, is to download videos for offline viewing. So, besides that feature, what other advantages of Snaptube?

Download free videos

This application allows you to download any desired video for free. Also, it supports downloading music from different platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, and of course, also for free.

Fast download speed

By splitting videos into small pieces then downloading them simultaneously, Snaptube helps you to download the video quickly. The estimated download time for a regular video will not be longer than 1 minute; however, this also depends on your internet speed.

In case you need to download multiple files on your device, Snaptube allows you to download up to 10 videos at once instead of downloading them one by one, thus saving a lot of time.

Download the video as an audio file

In addition to downloading videos, Snaptube also lets you download videos in the mp3 format that are extremely useful when you want to create a music playlist or save memory for the device.

Customize the quality of the downloaded video

Before downloading a video, you can customize the resolution of it, from the lowest resolution to HD so that it suits your needs and internet speed.

Continue downloading a video when it is interrupted

If there is anything that interrupts the downloading process, this app allows you to continue downloading from the paused point without staring the download again.

Built-in search engine

Another advantage of Snaptube is that you can find everything and download them directly on the app easily. Just enter the keyword in the search box, and the app will return the matching results.

Content is regularly updated

Finally, if you are one of those who likes updating in the entertainment world, this app will help you update the latest releases of your favorite artists and the latest news in the music industry as well.



Along with Snaptube, Vidmate also one of the best video downloaders today. So, what can Vidmate do?

Download video in HD quality

Vidmate allows you to download videos from YouTube and other websites in HD quality. You can also choose the preferred format and resolution of the video before downloading a video. Not only that, but Vidmate also allows you to play videos in the app itself in HD Quality.

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Lightning download speed

Vidmate offers download speeds up to 200% faster than other apps. It uses an advanced technology that helps you get the maximum capability of the internet speed. Besides, a user-friendly interface is also one of the advantages of this app that makes it easy for you to navigate through the app and download your favorite videos.

Watch live TV with HD quality

Vidmate not only allows users to download videos in lightning speed, but also watch live TV with over 200 channels including Movies, Fashion, Sports, Music, and more. It can broadcast live with your favorite TV shows in HD quality. You will never have to worry about missing any football match or  TV show with Vidmate. This is one of the top outstanding features that you can never find in other free apps.

Besides these features, Vidmate app also provides many other useful features. With the multi-downloading feature, you can download multiple media at once. The watch-it-later feature allows you to access your favorite videos later when you are free. You can protect your personal video with a password, download media in MP3 format in case you just want to listen to music, and more. Overall, Vidmate has everything you can ask in a video downloader and even a little more.

The final words

Truth be told, since both Snaptube and Vidmate are the two leading video downloaders for Android, they have a lot of similarities. Each app has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is really a bit challenging if we have to choose the winner. Which app is better? - it depends on you.

Hope you find our article useful and if you have any suggestion, feel free to share them with us. And now, let’s visit our APK store, download these apps and experience yourself. Have fun!

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