Simon F Veenstra from Woudsend

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Simon F Veenstra from Woudsend

Bericht door Adrian1717 » 21-05-2019 00:32

This kid scammed me last week for 150€. He made a whole story on why he didn’t accept payments through Marktplaats and send a tikkie request. Before that is asked for his Instagram account and after i sent the payment, he blocked me from that platform, from MP and watsapp. After some intense online research i found his family and contacted his father. He asked for proof and i gave it to him. Suddenly this kid sends a message making a story up and saying i will receive the item. He sends a fake receipt from an online merchant from china with a pair of counterfeit headphones which are clearly not the ones i sent him the money for. I cannot track his address yet so if someone came across this rat on Marktplaats his username was watchdirect before i got his account blocked.

To someone that knows the dutch law: what happens if i find him and punish him severely? I did the report with the police but i doubt something will happen.


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