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[ archief ] FRAUDE met misbruik militairen

Mail ontvangen van iemand die u erfenisgeld wil bieden? Hebt u een of andere loterij gewonnen? Dit is waarschijnlijk Nigeriaanse fraude.
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FRAUDE met misbruik militairen

Bericht door nicoletje85 »

Ik heb mijn auto op autoscout 24 te koop staan en ontving een reactie op mijn advertentie:

Hello,Thanks for the information. Yes, I want to inform you that i want tobuy your car. I'm also writing sincerely with regards to seek for yourassistance which will in the future, make us richer and get ustogether as good friends. Hope you can understand my speech because Ispeak only English. I am a sergeant with the United States troop in Iraq on war againstterrorism. Based on the United States legislative and executivedecisions for withdrawing troops from Iraq, come this year, I havebeen listed for redeployment to your country's military base soonest.Our mission is to help beef up security in terrorist targeted states,mostly the United States and the European Union. I will be in need ofa car for myself and for charity programs which i have plans onexecuting, which is why I contacted you. On the other hand, i want to inform you that I have in my possessionthe sum of ($16,200,000) cash. This was recovered from one of ourraids on terrorists here in Iraq because they keep most of their moneyin the desert for evil activities which they normally get throughillegal deals on crude oil. Based on the suffering we undergo heresome of us do meet such luck,http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/2988455.stm and it happenedthat I went for this raid with the men in my unit and we decided tokeep these funds as our share for suffering here in this evil landfilled with suicide bombers. I deposited this money with a Red Crossagent informing him that I'm making contact for the real owner of thebox to come for pick up because I can't keep it in the military camp,I didn’t let him know that the content in the box is money, so pleasenote that. It is under my power to approve whoever comes forth forthis money. I wish to use this money for charity purposes around theworld where we currently have increasing numbers of refugees displacedas a result of war. Based on my experience on battle ground indifferent places, they lack adequate attention both in health serviceand unpalatable meals which they get in little quantity just to keepthem living until God knows when the problem ends. Instead of allowing these terrorists to get the money and spend it onpurchasing arms illegally from Asians, it's better channeled to savingthe world. I cannot move this money to the United States because iwill be in Europe for about 3years when redeployed for my lastservices before retirement. So i need someone i can trust for this. Ifyou accept and assure me of your confidence, i will transfer the moneyto Europe where you will be the beneficiary because i am a uniformedperson and cannot be parading such an amount. I am an American and anintelligence officer at that, so I have a 100% authentic means oftransferring the money through the Red Cross diplomatic services. Ijust need your acceptance and all is done. Please if you are interested in this transaction i will inform you onfurther details needed for us to carry out this deal successfully. Idecided to find someone that is real and not imaginary, so that is whyI went to a secured car site where I can be sure that the person isreal knowing that a good relationship can always be builtirrespective of tribes nor races because I've been to differentcountries of the world for public services. Where I am right now, wecan only communicate through email which is more secured so thatnobody can monitor this deal, and then I can explain in details toyou. All I just need is to be sure of your sincerity. Do note that if you are not interested, please do not reply to thismail and delete this message immediately. If no response comes fromyou after 3days, i will assume that you are not interested and thensearch for someone else. I'm doing this on trust, you shouldunderstand and you should know that as a trained military expert Iwill always play safe in case you are the bad type, but i pray you arenot. I wait for your answer so we can go on. In less than 7days, the fundshould have gotten to your possession and i will come over for thefunds. I will give to you 20% of the total sum and have 80% to myselfand my unit. I hope I'm been fair on this deal. Regards,Sgt. Robert Henshaw

2 dagen later:

Thanks for your swift response, I'm indeed glad to have you responding to my previous email. Pleaseunderstand that this is a top secret between us and you have toconsider the effort and sacrifice behind this and give me moreassurance that you can really handle this great task ahead. First, letme make you understand my power in effecting the transfer of thisfunds. As i have already informed you on how this money came about. Iam in command of my unit in Al-Basra, i give orders, as a marine, youknow the respect and honor we control. I do not need to give you anyfurther info. i believe you have the mind to understand even whengiving a clue. I will prepare all the necessary documents for approvalthat the cargo is yours with an officer of the Red Cross who is afriend but will not know the true content of the box because he is aman of decent mind. He will have my approval before he goes to Europe. I am a widower with no child from Washington DC; I grew up in amotherless baby’s home back in Mississippi USA, with no parents orrelatives. Due to my childhood background and training, I pickedinterest in the force so as to serve my country in return of all thelove, care and assistance they rendered to me while I was young. Thisprompted me to join the US Army to serve and protect the nation. Now Iwas called upon for this mission here in Iraq as I had explained toyou. I want you to know that every week; a Red Cross relief jet flies toEurope from Baghdad so as to collect relief from donors. I'm planningto use a Red Cross officer to get the box containing the money acrossto your specified address. My friend here, who is a Red Cross officerwith the Asian region, has agreed to help me deliver the cargo to aspecified destination within his capability. As you know Red Crossjets have a certain degree of immunity because of the kind of thehumanitarian work they do and this is why I've consider this mode ofdelivery as the safest. As soon as i am through with arrangement here, i will give you the RedCross officer's contact who will deliver the cargo to you, so as toenable you have an appointment with him to know when the cargo willget to your possession. I'll pay the shipping cost. You can have your20% of the total fund for your help, and i know that is been veryfair. Let all charges be from my share. I do not know you and i do not think we equally need to know eachother for now. We can only speak of trust and friendship until I visitfor my portion, then we can really become very good friends. I knowthis might come to you as a surprise but i must tell you that with myexperience in international politics, 70% of the richest people onearth made their money from such deals. So you need to provide me withthe information below so as to address the consignment in your favor. 1, Full Name:2, Occupation3, Address:4, Valid Telephone Number:5, Copy of ID Attached to this mail, is my photo for you to also know whom you'retransacting business with. Once i receive your data, i will prepareevery document making you the rightful owner of the consignmentimmediately and i will contact you as soon as i conclude arrangementwith the Red Cross here. I await your immediate reply to this mail. N: B; Please ensure you do not discuss this matter with any onebecause of security reasons knowing the amount of money involved. Much Respect! Sergeant Robert Henshaw.

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Re: FRAUDE met misbruik militairen

Bericht door chan36 »

Wij hebben een makelaarskantoor in Spanje en adverteren geregeld op tweedehands.net enz.enz. Wij kregen een mail van "little John" Die wel interesse had in 1 van de villa's. De volgende mail kregen wij als tweede antwoord.

I acknowledge the receipt of your response and declared interest to
assist me in this deal.i appreciate your sincerity and interest to
help me invest my benefit and hard earned money wisely in real estate
and to achieve my heart wishes for the good of my two lovely
daughters.Read carefully to understand well the content of this mail
to be cleared on the questions you asked in your mail.
Dear friend,everyday here we live in fear of what may happen to us the
next minute since here a conflict or warring place and anything can
happen.Every time,i thank God for his protection on me as well to
continue protecting my kids because they are all i live for.It has not
been easy for me today that is why it took me long to write you
because of the situation here today.Thanks for showing some signs of
interest to assist me.

Please note that all i want from you is sincerity and trust because i shall
be entrusting a lot about me and my family into your hands.This means
i am seeking for a trusted friendship hand from you because as a man
in a
conflict area anything can happen to me here.I want you to be a friend
whom i can trust to take care of my money and invest for my kids if
anything happens to me.On the contrary,i pray that i leave this jungle
alive and also ask of your prayers everyday.
what i seek from you is not only interest in business or investment,i
also need you as my trusted friend who can look after my two daughters
in case i loose my life here.I intend to entrust them into your hands
as family before i come over to your after my assignment here.So,you
shall take care of them as family until i come over and even if
anything happens to me you will continue to take of them.This will be
done legally so that you can have right over them as your family.

I intend to move over with my daughters to your country because of the
tourism,peaceful,and rapid economic growth of your country.I intend to
invest my money in a resourceful business.it has been my long dream to
be a well-known business man. so that is why i have decided to contact
you to assist me achieve this dream.As a director with enough
experience in your field,i seek your expertise to be able to realize
my dreams of investing for a brighter future of my kids.i have spent
many years in conflict countries in the middle east,i desire to settle
down in a country where i can spend sometime with my kids,also enjoy
the beauty of life and peace and where my investment will be secured
since i have enough to take care of us.the money i am going to entrust
into care can buy me many properties in your country.
Rene,i will take care of all legal means of the transfer of the box
containing the money to you in spain.so you have nothing to be afraid
of,because as a principled and intelligent uniformed man with dignity
to protect i would not involve myself in anything that will dint the
many years i have served my country faithfully.
i will move over to your country by God's help when my work here comes
to an end soon.i will need you to use part of my money (70%) to buy a
residential house for me and also some other properties.the remaining
you transfer to my swiss account.then,you can transfer your 30% to
your account.
Right now the money is under the diplomatic control of the Red Cross
and the transfer shall be made under the extra-territorial immunity of
the Red Cross.I was able to receive this attention because i have a
friend in the Red Cross and he is the man that helped secure the money
in the ICRC vault.I had a plan of leaving the money with the Red Cross
until i leave here soon and then i can choose a partner to work with
but i decided against it because anything can happen as a result of
the troubles and war here,but i later decided to move this money out
of here to europe where it would be safe.and the only means is to
deliver it to spain.it would give me great joy and relieve only when
the money leaves here.so that if anything happens to me,the money
shall be claimed by someone who does know how i suffered to make this
money.then i die for nothing.This is the reason i contacted you as an
individual and your experience and demanding for an everlasting
friendship with you so that if anything happens to me,you shall take
care of my investments and two kids.I have no close relations and
their mother is late.please understand the intensity of the trust i
demand from you.i need your mutual understanding to achieve a good
future for my kids.

Get back to me given me your full assurance and a scanned copy of any
means of your identification (driver's license, national ID or
passport,or any other valid means of identifying you as the beneficiary of
the money).when i receive this i shall direct you on the next step to take
towards the successful transfer of this money to you in europe.Also
forward the following information to me so that i can procure a
testament of facts establishing your personality as the beneficiary.

*AGE (Date of Birth)

The moment i have these information,i shall proceed with other means
and will also direct you on the steps to carry out this transaction
successfully.Please note that this will require you to go to Spain to
receive the box when delivered.R,i hope you understood me well and
i believe i have explained all you asked me to.
note well,keep this confidential and get back to me as soon as
possible.Thanks for your cooperation and have a nice day.
Kind regards.