Woning huur Roosendaal (Marktplaats)

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Woning huur Roosendaal (Marktplaats)

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Gaat om advertentie:

https://www.marktplaats.nl/v/huizen-en- ... roosendaal

Huis staat te huur bij MVGM:

https://ikwilhuren.nu/alle-woningcomple ... r-7-t-m-20

Prijzen vanaf € 750,-- deze "verhuurder" vraagt € 500,--.

Je krijgt deze e-mail uiteindelijk als je interesse toont:
Hi, it's nice to have a reply from you so quickly!
You will be registered at the municipality (at apartment address). I can rent the apartment from 2 months to 6 years. And thank you for the interest that you have expressed to my apartment. However, before we discuss the further details, I would like to know a little something about you, like how many persons do you intend to live in my apartment, for what period, etc.

First, a few details about myself: My name is Pauline Harrison, I am 36 years old and work as an engineer in London. I have an adorable husband (Luca) and a daughter (Sofia). Another member of our family is a six-year-old Labrador Retriever, we have all closed deep in our heart. The problem is simply that I have a lot of work here in London, I work as an engineer and my husband as a chef.

And I have little time to meet you in person and show you the apartment. Currently, I have a few days free. This allows me to come to the Netherlands and to show you the apartment. For this, I would have to me but can be sure that you are seriously interested and would be willing to rent that apartment. Four weeks ago I had a potential tenant, asked if I could come to the Netherlands in order to show him the apartment because he was interested to rent it. Then I bought a plane ticket and I went to the Netherlands, there to arrange a meeting with the tenant. When I arrived, I tried to contact to prospective renters, but he reacted neither my calls nor my emails. The result was quite simply a loss of my time and a waste of my money.

I do not want this happening again and I was kept informed accordingly on the Internet about possible protection. During my research, I came across the protection from a company, which can help us to make this transaction safe for both parties.

So let me know if you would be willing to rent the apartment, so I can tell you the steps that need to be made before our meeting.

Pauline Harrison
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